English Football Academy

English Football Academy is a our soccer school on Rokko island. Our custom curriculum is designed to perfectly link football and English with two main goal: enjoyment and improvement.

English Football Academy

Ages 4-7

Bronze Class

Designed for children with little experience of either, our Bronze Class is the perfect light introduction to football and English.

  • The perfect introduction

    Designed for younger children, using basic English and football skills

  • For any ability

    Bronze Class requires no prior English or football experience.

  • Fun & Engaging

  • Lesson lengths for young minds

    Our fun and energetic are designed to maximise students’ attention spans.

Ages 8-12

Silver Class

The Silver Classes are designed for children at the age of 8-12 with football drills and tips for those individuals at the basic level.

  • Focus on Skills and Development


  • Gradually growing English


  • 入会者は日本人だけではない?

  • Zoomを使った英語レッスンもあるの?

Age 8-12

Gold Class

If you are looking for elite player football training, our advanced skills development training program is for you!

  • Our Elite Class


  • High Intensity


  • Go to the next level


  • Zoomを使った英語レッスンもあるの?