Semi-pro Challenge Australia

Make money and play football in Australia! Based in Wollongong, just one hour south of Sydney, this program will provide you with a semi-pro contract in the Illawarra Mercury Premier League

Semi-pro Challenge Australia


私達が行うのは、独立リーグであるIllawarra Mercury Premier Leagueと言うシドニーから1時間程離れた地域を拠点とするサッカーリーグになります。そのリーグの1部リーグはオーストラリア全体で3部相当のリーグと言われており、元Aリーグ(オーストラリア1部リーグ)の選手も多く在籍しており、決してレベルも低くありません。その分、契約をすれば貰える待遇も良く、1ヶ月に10万-20万の試合給と仕事の紹介などが付帯された契約内容で、生活していくのに十分な契約内容になります。




Get paid to play football overseas

Even a player who couldn't make it to the professional stage in Japan has a chance in Australia. Most of the players who played an active part in this league in the past did not have the title of former J League. Would you like to challenge yourself to learn English, earn money and play soccer?

A close-knit football community

As we understand you might be worried about your English ability, our staff will be on hand to help you get setup. The clubs we work with are very accustomed to accepting Japanese players, so we are confident you will settle in quickly!

Direct access to jobs

Since it is a semi-professional contract, in most cases the salary amount must be cut down to live from the first year with only soccer salary, so I also introduced work such as club sponsor company and club bar staff. Give me Not only football, but also the valuable experience of working surrounded by Australians overseas will be reflected in improving English ability.

1:1 support

Australian Tommy will be in charge of local support in Australia, and Japanese taka will be in charge of travel to Japan. Since we only support a limited number of Japanese people, we are able to provide solid support to each person.













Tommy Silver - English teacher, programming instructor and football coach


Tommy Silver

Tommy was born in Sydney and has lived in Toronto, London, Osaka and now Melbourne. He has a Bachelor of Design and has worked as a web developer. Playing football since the age of 6, Tommy and represented his high school at the highest level. He is passionate about developing talent in young people, and using English to expand their world. Tommy also speaks Japanese.

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Taka Matsumura | English Football Academy Head Coach


Taiki Matsumura

Taiki was born and grew up in Osaka, before moving overseas where he lived for 10 years. He has played football at semi-professional level for 7 years, and coached for over 4 years in English speaking countries. Taiki is confident that no other coach can match his enthusiasm and fun!

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Realise your football dreams overseas!

All of our support is performance-based. If a player makes a support contract with us, goes to Australia, and officially contracts with a club, the support fee will be incurred at that time.

  • 1:1 Support

    We will be there to support you every step.

  • Find a job

    Direct introduction to local businesses

  • Semi-pro contract

    A contract to live your football dreams in Australia